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Lace up your boots, a new day is dawning!

Local 40

Delivering Superior Value to Connecticut Projects “ We have improved our profitability and customer satisfaction since we started with the union. Our projects get completed on schedule, and the end product is top quality. We could not have accomplished as much as we have, in as short of a time, without being an affiliated Sheet Metal Contractor.” Patrick Duane, Superior Sheet Metal Inc.

Our Connecticut Mission

Welcome to our site! The Sheet Metal Workers, Local 40 of Connecticut is a labor union serving 1,000-plus working men and women in Connecticut, and is located in Rocky Hill. The Sheet Metal Workers of Connecticut, in tandem with our affiliated contractors deliver the skills and expertise required to build your next industrial, commercial, institutional or residential project. As energy efficiency continues to grow in Connecticut, We provide the training to ensure our workers broaden their fields of expertise in order to complete specialized assignments. The unique training and education provided to our workforce ensures quality work for the diverse construction requirements throughout the region. We bring out high standards and productivity to every assignment, large or small, and we can assure you that all of our building projects are completed safely and efficiently. Please learn more about our trade, and contact us with your questions!

David Roche, Business Manager SMW Local 40

CT Sheet Metal Worker News

  • 2014 Election Survey

    As you know, the 2014 election cycle is underway. The Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 40 and the Connecticut State Building Trades is preparing to engage, as we always do, for the right candidates who support the right issues.
    We have put together this online survey to get your feedback on the issues that you are most concerned about and your overall feelings about the election. Please complete the survey, it will only take 5 minutes and all results are confidential.
    We would really appreciate your feedback and input to help us select candidates to support. Just click on the link and you’re ready to go.

  • Apprentice & Training Update

    To Local 40 members that have TAB certifications or Fire Life Safety certifications.  You need CEU’s (continuing education unit) to update your certifications in the future. Do not dismiss any information coming from ICB Certified. If you have not updated your email address with ICB Certified, you need to. I will try to keep our members updated as information is released.  

    As of now I have 2 emails that were sent, by Kevin Casey, Director of Certification, to all members that have active certifications, in April of 2013 explaining the CEU’s. I will forward them to any member that needs this information.  Again, do not dismiss this information. The CEU’s are needed to keep our certifications recognized by ANSI. The CEU’s are not going away, and you will need them to update your certification(s).

    Many members inquire about OSHA 30 classes and are surprised that we only run one class each year. OSHA 30 is an expensive class to run and we typically only have between 8 and 12 members sign up for the class each year. We run the class with three other Local Unions to keep the cost down.

    The notifications for classes are always mailed to the membership during the first  week of November each year.

    Applications for the Apprenticeship are taken at all times, however there are not always jobs available for the applicant. The application process takes about 2 hours and consists of an interview, an application and a math and reading test.

    The JATC has brought in five, 1st Year Apprentices in 2014. We hope that we can bring in at least 5 more 1st Year Apprentices, before September 2014. If you know of a good candidate please send them in.

    Mark S. Mastropasqua
    Training Coordinator

  • A message from the Pension Fund

    You must work 1,200 hours in the 2013 calendar year to earn one full Pension Credit. If you work less than 1,200 hours, 1/12th of a credit will be given for each 100 hours you work, so that you will receive 1/12 credit for 100-199 hours, 2/12 credit for 200-299 hours, 3/12 credit for 300-399 hours, and so on. We will be mailing the annual Pension Fund statements in April please compare your 2013 pay stubs to your 2013 statement and confirm that the Benefit Office did receive all of the hours that you worked.

  • A Hard Lesson Learned

    Recently I was talking to an older worker on a construction site. We talked for a bit about the job he was doing and I asked him how long he had been doing this type of work. He told me he had over forty years experience doing the same type of work and that he had travelled all over the country doing install work. He then told me a familiar story about how he would love to retire, and in fact planned on doing so until a few years ago, when the stock market took a nose dive into an empty pool and sucked out a significant portion of his 401k savings fund.

    Now I have heard this story a hundred times, but this time there was a new spin, one that took me back a few steps.

    You see, this worker was a union worker, and had been for his entire career. He told me that about 20-25 years ago his union decided to stop paying into their regular pension with defined benefits upon retirement, and instead invested completely into the 401k plan that was supposed to make them all rich beyond their dreams. Guess how that worked out?

    He told me that if he had it to do over again today he would never have left his regular pension and would have been happily retired for several years today. He also admitted that due to his heavy travel schedule he did not prioritize attending union meetings and did not do anything to stop this fateful decision.

    What do you think is the moral(s) of this story?

  • The Retiree’s Experience, Frank Pannone

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    By the time you receive your 3rd issue of the newsletter, spring will be here, and the snow will be gone. Here’s hoping it will be the start to a good year for everyone.

    In the December 15, 2013 Quarterly Newsletter, I mentioned, we the retirees of Local #40 should start to use our members' knowledge and experience to make a difference in our future. I firmly believe this year we can make that happen.

    This year looks to be a promising year; I believe our active members can use our help to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. I would like to say the active members have been very supportive of us, and together we can make a big difference in our futures.

    I believe we have come up with some ideas to make it easier for you to be part in helping achieve our goals. Don’t panic I’m not going to ask you to put on tools and work full time, but I’m going to ask for your support in making it easier to keep our active members working steady, which in turn helps everyone.

    Here’s hoping to see you at a meeting in the future.

    Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month in Rocky Hill except for July and August. Meetings start at noon.


    Frank Pannone

    President, Local 40 Retirees Club

  • Politics and Travelers

    The Local will be looking for participation from our members this legislative session. Everyone’s help will be greatly appreciated. Last minute requests for help are common, so please, if you are contacted, understand this is the way things come to us, and we need to respond.
    Local Union #83 Albany, has contacted our Local for members interested in traveling. If you are out of work please call the hall and leave your name and contact number if you are interested. I will get back to you with information pertaining to the job. Four Local 40 members are set to go for this first call. The Business Manager from Local 83 will call again for more members.
    Locally, work is moving in a positive direction, largely because of political efforts and contacts. The weather is supposed to be breaking and 2014 is a contract year.
    Lace up your boots, a new day is dawning.
    Luke J. Ford

    Business Representative

  • Hartford, Tolland, New London Project News

    Hopefully by the time you are reading this article the snow is gone and spring is upon us. For the area it looks as if we have some large projects starting this year. UConn Farmington is moving right along with 50 plus guys working on any of the 6 separate projects on the campus. In New London County the shut down at Millstone has started with 16 men and we expect to have guys at Foxwoods by June on the Tangers Outlets. Tolland County has some nice size projects coming up on the Uconn Storrs Campus hopefully we can secure some of the work there.  Greater Hartford County we have some school work going on with more schools coming out this summer in Hartford.
      Many of the members change address and PHONE PLANS don’t forget to give your new contact information to the Union Hall - or update on this site - so we can get a hold of you. Lack of attendance is not isolated to Local Forty alone; it is throughout the state as is with most unions. It’s your Union, individual participation is needed if we want to continue to exist.

    John Nimmons
    Business Representative

  • Study: Green Buildings Deliver Climate Benefits