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Sheet Metal Workers LU #40, JATC is committed to providing quality training and education for apprentices and journeymen employed in the unionized Sheet Metal Industry.

Through practical and related training, we will provide our Union contractors with a skilled, productive, and responsible workforce. We provide up to date training and certifications for Connecticut's Sheet Metal Workers.

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We here at Sheet Metal Workers’ Local #40 are very proud of our apprentice program, as well as the continuing education classes we offer for our journeymen. Our facility is second to none with programs offered in basic math, architectural, commercial, residential, and industrial ductwork, as well as roofing and panel work. The instructors have put together a core curriculum that will enable every interested and motivated apprentice to become a qualified sheet metal journeyman.

 We have recently created two new training modules. One of the modules, located outside of our building, will offer hands-on training for apprentices and journeymen in the installation of siding, roofing, and decking. The inside module will be used for multiple training purposes. Our residential ductwork programs will be taught from start to finish thanks to the International Training Institutes donation of two heating units. This module will also be used in the training of panel installation, such as “lucabond” and other manufactured panel systems. We also have the capability to train in all aspects of seamed roof panels and necessary flashings to accommodate these.

 In addition to our certified welding lab, we offer one of the very few certified Testing and Balancing labs. These labs represent an accomplishment we can all be proud of as it is a great indication and tribute to the caliber of instructors and coordinators who have worked so hard to put these programs together. There are two certified welding inspectors and certified Testing and Balancing technicians who assist in testing procedures.

Cliff Richards is an instructor at our training facility and a highly skilled tradesperson and Local 40 member.  Cliff has the ability to train you in basic layout, triangulation, and parallel line development. Apprentices are encouraged, in their free time, to experiment on their own “pet” projects which will enable them to experience the bending and forming of sheet metal as it pertains to their trade. It is your job as apprentices to take the lessons taught to you and “hone” them into your needs in the trade.

Attendance during the school year is mandatory. Our Contractors have given us the opportunity to train during the day and we do not want to let them down. This gives the apprentice a fresh start every day and the ability for him or her to learn the most in a totally structured environment. Your dedication is the most important ingredient for you to become a well-rounded sheet metal worker and a good union person.

Good training is key to the future of the sheet metal industry. It is our training and layout skills that separate us from non-union companies and the other trades.

Last, but not least, we will be putting together a curriculum of choices for journeymen to broaden and continue their education. We encourage all of our members to take advantage of these opportunities to broaden their skills in this diverse and ever-changing trade. Some of the courses to be offered in the fall include welding, computer-aided drafting (CAD), project management and estimating, and roofing and panel installation.

A special thanks to all the apprentices who helped to make our float #1 in the Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You should all be very proud as your dedication showed the people of the state the craftsmanship that the sheet metal worker utilizes every day.

In conjunction with Local #40 Sheet Metal Workers, the  International Training Institute Education division for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Industry :

     *Provides training for qualified Sheet Metal Workers in all phases of the Sheet Metal Industry

      * Provides a safe workplace

    * Provides career opportunities for many of our young men and women

As a union sheet metal worker, you will belong to a family of skilled craftsmen/women that work with the building trade to construct commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, which all need the services of skilled sheet metal workers. You will be taught the skills needed to fabricate and install all types of metal products. But the best part about becoming a union sheet metal worker is that all the skills and training that you need, will be taught to you while you work and in the classroom, at no cost to you! On average, sheet metal workers earn 27% more take-home pay than a non-union worker, right out of high school. Regular yearly wage increases, and benefits like full medical coverage, from day one. Eyeglass and dental after six months, pension an annuity for retirement. To become a journeyman sheet metal worker, you have to first become an apprentice sheet metal worker. As an apprentice, you will be enrolled in a four-year program. Each year, as you progress through your apprenticeship and become more skilled at the trade, you will receive wage increases.

If you are interested in applying for membership at local union 40. Click on the photo to your right, this will take you to our online request for the application area.     


Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors

    *Publishes Technical Manuals

    *Tested and Practical method for Fab. and Installation

    *Recognized and used by Engineers International Training Institute

 Education division for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Industry

    *Labor Management Trust Fund

    *National Sponsors

      - SMWIA

      - SMACNA

Apprenticeship Training

Sheet Metal Workers LU #40, JATC is committed to providing quality training and education for apprentices and journeymen employed in the unionized Sheet Metal Industry.

Through practical and related training, we will provide our Union contractors with a skilled, productive, and responsible workforce.


Journeyperson Training

     * Welding

    * Testing and Balancing

    * Computer

    * Service

    * Architectural

    * Foreman Training

    * Blue Print Reading

    * CAD

    * Hazardous Material

    * Safety

    * OSHA 500

    * Energy Management

Instructor Training

    * Instructors are Journeyperson Sheet Metal Workers

    * Instructors are trained by the iTi and the National Labor College.

    * Continuing education credits are received.

    * Instructors are exposed to the latest in teaching techniques

 Certified Welding Programs

          o American Welding Society [AWS] Accredited Testing Facility.  

          o On-site certifications provided by AWS/ CWI Inspectors.

          o Lifetime AWS certifications- (must update every 6 or 12 months depending on application)

          o Consultations available with SMWLU#40 or International Training Institute.

Local # 40 has the capabilities, though it's a certified welding inspector, of performing on-site welding certifications.

Local # 40 can qualify its members for many different procedures or write their own if necessary.

Local #40 has the state of the art welding facility with the capabilities of training in several types of welding processes including SMAW, GTAW, and GMAW.     

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) is an activity within the Sheet Metal Industry that ensures that HVAC systems operate at the highest standards and with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness at every stage of an indoor environmental retrofit - or to new building specifications. With today’s emphasis on energy management and indoor air quality, our members provide some of the most valuable services to the HVAC community.

 EPA Certifications

      ITI is the approved EPA certifying agency for:

          o Licensing CFC refrigerant technicians

          o Asbestos Abatement and Removal

          o Lead Abatement and Removal

          o Hazardous Material Handling

          o Simulating the Decontamination Process

OSHA Certifications

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #40

has certified instructors to:

          o Present the 30 hour OSHA 500 safety training program

          o Present the 10 hour OSHA 500 safety training program