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The Sheet Metal Industry in Connecticut must confront many unique challenges; the hazardous nature of the work, the pressure of competition from employers who do not pay area standard wages, or provide area standard fringe benefits, the extent of government regulations, and the impact on public health and safety. These challenges are of mutual concern to the Local Union and the Associated Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors.


Labor and Management hold monthly meetings to address the challenges of today and our future. We represent the labor side of our industry. Hopefully, you will know what the Sheet Metal industry is all about after you review this Web Site. Your advantages in becoming competitive in a difficult market will be to use a skilled labor force that comes from our training institute, which is an approved apprenticeship program within the State of Connecticut and the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship Training.

Sheet metal work tends to be steadier than some other construction crafts because maintenance and replacement work in existing buildings can compensate for slack in new construction. Job prospects are expected to be favorable for sheet metal workers and duct installers over the long run, because the number of skilled workers is likely to be insufficient to meet demand, due to job growth and the need to replace workers who leave the occupation. Opportunities should be particularly good for individuals who acquire apprenticeship training. As apprentices acquire more skills of the trade throughout the course of the apprenticeship program, they receive periodic increases until their pay approaches that of experienced workers.


Age: Must be at least 18 years of age.


Education: High School Graduate or GED.


Aptitude: Possess the basic attitude essential for acquiring the skills and proficiency of the trade.


Physical: Must be physically able to perform the work of the trade. May be subject to pre-employment physical and/or drug screening.


Residency: Must be a US Citizen or appropriate work permits.


Location: Must live in proximity to our territory boundaries in order to attend classroom instruction.


Each applicant will be given the opportunity to read the Apprentice Standards. No applicant will be given an interview without a complete application. You must furnish a copy of your high school diploma or GED. Driver’s license and Social Security Card available for copying for the file. Submit a copy of your transcripts (GED, High school, Trade school, college, etc.) All applicants meeting minimum qualifications will be given a preliminary interview. The interview will consider the following:

 A.)  Educational background

 B.)  Previous work experience

 C.)  Interest & attitude

 D.)  Personal traits

  If you have any questions prior or during your application filing, you can call or email the Education Department.

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 40 was formed to offer contractors the most highly skilled, well trained, licensed Journeymen and apprentices in the entire State of Connecticut.

Working together with our contractors we pursue all sizes and scopes of work within the Sheet Metal Industry. We call this relationship Partners in Progress. Together we have formed an apprenticeship program unmatched by any, in Training and educating our members.

Our apprenticeship training is a 4 year State Certified program. Upon completion of the program, our members continue to attend training so they can further expand on their viability in regards to obtaining employment in the industry.




Being Union guarantees fair wages and job classifications, plus protects you from unfair work practices. Union companies historically have better morale and less employee turnover. Job classifications are fair, wages are standardized. A grievance procedure is in place to help mediate the conflict. Can you approach your employer one-on-one if you have a problem?




To talk about Union activities/ideas, distribute union literature in any non-working area within any workplace (restrooms, etc) during lunch and rest breaks. Be free from supervisors spying on union activities. Refuse to discuss the union with supervisors or other management persons. Keep records of all violations of these rights (time, people involved, and incident).


What is the Union Advantage?      


- Union pay is higher.

- Union Workers have better benefits.  - Union workers are more productive.

- Union workers have greater job stability

- Workers of all ages belong to unions.

 - Union members work together for mutual protection and benefits. You have basic rights. Freedom to join a union is one of the many important rights.

Why become a union member?


- Improve your life.

- Protect your family.

 - Working under a collectively-bargained agreement that brings bigger paychecks, better health & retirement benefits.

 - Securer jobs.

 - Future for your family.

 - Having a voice on the job & in the union hall for increasing workplace productivity.

 - Safer working conditions.

- Wage standards.

- Benefiting your community    





Prevent you from talking with other employees about the union in non-work areas during your lunch and rest breaks. Promise your benefits to encourage you to vote against the union or abandon support of the union. Grant pay increase or change your working conditions to influence your support or feelings about the union. Threaten to close the facility or lay -off employees if the union is selected. Compel an employee to discuss the union or any matters related to it. Give assistance to anti-union employees. Solicit employee grievances and promise to remedy the grievances in order to keep the union out. Have supervisors or other management persons call employees at home to ask about their support or feelings about the union. Spy on employees' union activities in or outside the workplace. Workers employed with the protection of a union contract have basic rights such as the right to a fair hearing that their non-union counterparts do not have. Members have a say in their jobs and are more productive due to the increased cooperation and better relations they have with management, they work as equals in order to remedy situations that might occur at work.




For More Information on Joining Sheet Metal Local 40, Please Contact Sheet Metal Local 40 Organizing Dept.  All confidentiality respected.