The Labor-Management Partnership


A strong commitment to labor-management cooperation is at the heart of the Sheet Metal Industry. It is also essential to the organized tradesmen and women and the signatory contractors affiliated with Sheet Metal Local 40. We are united in a partnership effort aimed at providing the highest level of quality and productivity, which translates into efficient projects and zero work-stoppages. As a national organization, we can provide an expandable workforce by reaching out to our network of skilled tradespeople from across the country.


The Sheet Metal Workers of Connecticut delivers the quality and skills you will need to build or renovate your next industrial, commercial, institutional, or residential project in Connecticut. We provide the advanced training necessary for our workers to broaden their fields of expertise in order to complete specialized assignments. Our sophisticated fabrication shops are up to date with state-of-the-art equipment, including the latest plasma-cutting machinery and CAD computers. It is our guarantee that The Sheet Metal Workers of Rocky Hill, CT will bring innovation and creativity to the design, manufacture, and installation of the most complex building systems, resulting in outstanding value every time! We will always deliver quality work for the diverse construction requirements throughout the Connecticut region. We bring out high standards and productivity to every assignment, large or small, and we assure you that all of our building projects are completed safely and efficiently.