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Retired SMART Amtrak Conductor Discusses Joe Biden and Working Families

In this nationally televised video, retired SMART conductor Greg Weaver talks about what he learned about former VP Biden from their 30 years traveling together from Wilmington, Delaware to DC.  

Accorded to Weaver, "he's most comfortable around everyday working-class people.  When he got on that train, everyone was equal to him."  

Weaver adds in the video, "the essential workers working behind the scenes to keep this country going, he understands that. The average guy is important to him."

Local #40 Jurisdiction Appointments

We recently held our first Northeast Regional Council Executive Board meeting. As we move forward, the following appointments have been made for the Local #40 jurisdiction by Council President Bob Butler.

David Roche –              Continue to perform duties of the Business Manager until June 30th Retirement

John Nimmons –           Regional Manager